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Orangutans Rejoice
In a major announcement signaling a transformational shift in the global palm oil market, agribusiness giant Cargill adopted a new commitment for its palm oil supply chain: an end to deforestation, peatland destruction and community and worker exploitation.
Catapult Executive Director Glenn Hurowitz, Unilever Chief Procurement Officer Marc Engel, Wilmar International CEO Kuok Khoon Hong and TFT Executive Director Scott Poynton celebrate the signing of a landmark No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation Policy.
Changing corporations
with powerful organizing
Michigan citizens made their voices heard around the world, when they demanded Battle Creek-based Kellogg's push for change from a business partner that was destorying Sumatran tiger habitat -- after all, What Would Tony Say? Singapore-based agribusiness giant Wilmar International announced a new no-deforestation, no-explotation commitment.
The Catapult team is working to end demand for commodities sourced from deforestation.
We don't just win campaigns,
we build movements
Facing the climate
Catapult is working with major philanthropies to accelerate the shift from fossil fuels to clean energy.
A plane flies over the International Civil Aviation Organization's annual meeting calling for real action on aviation climate pollution.